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60Tube Solar Heat Pipe Collector

60tube solar heat pipe collector details: 
Model: FD-MSC-60


Solar heat pipe collector working principle:

1. The heat pipe series solar heat pipe collector are always connected with existing heating supply device.

2. The selective coating on the inner Cover of the evacuated tubes converts solar energy into heat energy and transfers heat to the heat pipes by aluminium fins.

3. The liquid in the heat pipe changes into vapour which rises to the condenser.

4. The heat then passes through the heat exchanger and the vapour becomes liquid, returning to the base of the heat pipe.

5. The heat conducts to the heat transfer liquid (anti-freezing liquid or water) via a copper pipe.

6. This transference of heat into the liquid creates a continuous circulation as long as the collector is heated by the sun.

Solar heat pipe collector specification
1. Manifold (interior): 0.8mm thickness Red copper 
2. Manifold (exterior): 2.0 mm thickness Aluminum alloy 
3. Glass tube dimensions: 58mm x 1.800mm

4. Tube no: 60tube 
5. Insulation layer: 45mm thickness glass firber /polyurethane layer 
6. Heat preservation: 72-96hrs 
7. Hail resistance: 25mm 
8. Max pressure: 6 bar 
9. Coating of vacuum tube: ss-c/cu 
10. Frame: 2.0mm thickness Aluminum Alloy 

Solar heat pipe collector applications
1. Hotels, resorts, hospitals and hostels 
2. Process industry, boiler feed, laundry and canteens 
3. Agricultural sector, hatcheries and dairies 
4. Process industry, Boiler feed, Laundry and canteens 
5. Agricultural sector, hatcheries, and dairies 
6. Swimming pool heating 
7. In-process heating 
8. Health clubs (Steam /Sauna)


Technical data of solar heat pipe collector

 Solar heat pipe collector

 Numbers of tube(pcs)

 60 (4pcs x15tube solar collector)     

 Absorber area approx.(m2)


 Hydraulic Connections

 G3/4" male thread

 Fluid volume(L)


 Maximum operation pressure(Bar)


 Test pressure(Bar)


 Heat transfer fluid

 Anti-freeze Fluid (Water-Glycol)

 Max.working temp

 hot water(L/Day)



 35C (Radiation>=800w/m2.day)

 Collector efficiency



 Pure water

 Start-up Temperature of heat pipe





Solar collectors material specification

 Flow type

 Heat pipe

 Heat pipe material

 0.6mm thickness TU1 copper

 Heat pipe size

 Top: Ø14* 1mm; Body: Ø8* 0.6mm  

 Tube diameter


 Solar vaccum glass tube

 High boron-silicon

 Coating of absorber on glass tube

 Al-N-Al,Copper,Stainless steel

 fins around heat pipe

 single long Aluminum(1.68m)

 Manifold pipe material

 TP2 copper (Ø35x0.8mm

 Manifold casing material

 Aluminum alloy(2.0mm)

 Insulation material in manifold casing

 Glass fiber

 Thickness of insulation(mm)


 Density of insulation (kg/m3)


 Frame material

 Aluminum alloy frame (2.0mm)

 Sealing Materials



Heat pipe technical data


 Measured value

 Heat conduction coefficient


 Axial heat transition auantity


 Heat conduction speed


 Axial temperature difference


 Starting speed


 Starting temperature


 Working temperature range


 Resistance to high temperature

 No deformation in 48hours under 250C high temp condition 

 Resistance to low temperature




 Condenser size
 Dia 14mm,Dia 24mm, thickness 0.5mm,0.6mm,0.7mm



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