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165Liter Pre-heated Solar Water Heater

165Liter pre-heated solar water heater details: 
Model: FD-PH-20


Pre-heated solar water heatr features

1.Use the copper coil as the heat exchanger, according to international fashion trend, it is simple to install and use

2.It takes the advantage of the tap water pressure, it is easy to operate and install

3.The water can be heated rapidly, so it can produce the high quality hot water

4.The water come from the copper coil, so it is clean and drinkable


Pre-heated solar water heater working principle

1.One copper coil is installed inside the tank as the heat exchanger

2.When water flows into the copper coil, it absorbs the heat of the water in the tank via the copper coil

3.Therefore the water tank is just as heat storage tank


Copper coil heat exchanger solar water heater


 Pre-heated solar water heater

 Material of out tank

 0.31-0.4mm thickness color steel/ fluorine carbon steel

 Material of inner tank

 Food grade 0.31-0.4mm thickness SUS304 stainless steel

 Tank insulating layer

 55mm 45kg/m³ high-density polyurethane foamed

 Inlet and outlet hole

 Male G 1/2, 3/4

 Max pressure

 0.05 Mpa

 Solar collector tube

 3.3 Borosilicate glass with N/Al coating

 Thickness of glass tube


 Vacuum tube tightness

 P<=0.005 Pa



 Emission ratio


 Idle sunning property parameters


 Average heat loss coefficient



 1.5mm thickness Galvanized Steel

 Structure of tank:

 4 holes for air vent,overflow,water inlet and outlet,electric heater


 Argon arc welding

 Fastening pieces:

 Made of stainless steel screw

 Absorber area

 1.875 m²

 Tube quantity

 20tube 58x1,800mm

 Tank capacity


 Copper coil exchanger length

 24m length

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