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Solar Water Heater Project in Nigeria (11.5tons)

Solar water hater project for 10tons hotel hot water details:
Model: FD-NPC58-11500L

Solar water heater project features

1. Temperature conservation layer in chest
2. Economical and practical
3. Environmental conservation and energy saving
4. According to the required configuration, it can be divided into two types, one is vertical and the other is horizontal


Solar water heater project applications
1. Hotels, resorts, hospitals and hostels
2. Process industry, boiler feed, laundry and canteens
3. Agricultural sector, hatcheries and dairies
4. Process industry, Boiler feed, Laundry and canteens
5. Agricultural sector, hatcheries, and dairies
6. Swimming pool heating
7. In-process heating
8. Health clubs (Steam / Sauna)



Non-pressure solar collector material specification


Solar water heater project

Material of out manifold

0.4mm thickness color steel/ fluorine carbon steel

Material of inner tank

Food grade 0.4mm thickness SUS304 stainless steel

Tank insulating layer

40mm 45kg/m³ high-density polyurethane foamed

Inlet and outlet hole

Male G3/4

Max pressure

0.05 Mpa

Solar collector tube

3.3 Borosilicate glass with N/Al coating

Thickness of glass tube


Vacuum tube tightness

P≤0.005 Pa



Emission ratio


Idle sunning property parameters


Average heat loss coefficient



1.5mm thickness Galvanized Steel


Argon arc welding

Project size

5pcs x 2300L solar project

Absorber area


Tube quantity

1200tubes  (60pcs 58x1,800mmx20 tube collector)


Solar water heater project details:

The sponsor: The World Bank

Supplier: Fadi Solar

Location:  suburbs of Abujia,Nigeria

Collector:60pcs x 20tube solar collector

.5pcs x 2300L storage tank

.Installation schedule:

First 2300L: April 18th to 21th

Second 2300L: April 25th to 27th

Third 2300L: April 30th to May 2nd

Forth 2300L:May 5th to May 7th

Fifth 2300L: May 9th to May 11th








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