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Fadi In Africa

2017-02-09 | Author: fadi | Cat: Company News | Views: 1571

Fadi Solar finished the first installation of solar hot water project in Abujia of Nigeria,which is financed by the World Bank


Project details:

The sponsor: The World Bank

Supplier: Fadi Solar

Location:  suburbs of Abujia,Nigeria

Collector:60pcs x 20tube solar collector

.5pcs x 2300L storage tank

.Installation schedule:

First 2300L: April 18th to 21th

Second 2300L: April 25th to 27th

Third 2300L: April 30th to May 2nd

Forth 2300L:May 5th to May 7th

Fifth 2300L: May 9th to May 11th





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