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Use the sun and save

2017-02-09 | Author: fadi | Cat: Industry News | Views: 1433

Another scheme to assist Maltese families in the installation of solar water heater has just been issued. By early this week, the Malta Resources Authority had already received around 200 applications. This scheme, financed by government funds, will return 40 per cent of the expenses for the purchasing and installation of this apparatus, to a maximum of €400. All those who have a residential or domestic electricity bill may apply to receive this grant, so long as they have not benefitted from a similar scheme since 2008.

Since initiating such schemes, over 13,000 solar water heaters have been installed in Maltese homes. Water heating constitutes a high percentage of energy consumption in the home. Studies published by the University of Malta show that a typical solar water heater saves up to 1,650 units a year

When one considers that the typical energy consumption of a family of four is around 5,500 units a year, the installation of a solar water heater may save one out of every four units consumed, in turn saving around €175 a year on electricity. Through this scheme, a solar water heather purchased for around €1,500 will see a family break even within five years.

A separate EU-funded scheme grants 40 per cent of expenses up to €560. However, this is not open to all. To benefit, one must fall into one of a number of categories: be a recipient of energy vouchers; a family with children and an income of less than €23,932; the owner of a property purchased after January 1, 2010 that costs less than €120,000; or a family that receives a supplementary allowance as per the Social Securities Act


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