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Briefing on Solar Energy at ITRD Chitral

2017-02-09 | Author: fadi | Cat: Industry News | Views: 1628

A session on solar Water Heather ( SWH) dissemination event has been conducted at Institute of Technology and Resource Development in Chitral Institute of Technology and Resource Development (ITRD) is the only institute in the district which offering 3 years Engineering Diploma in the field of Civil & Electrical Engineering. The said institute has more than 150 students in two disciplines of engineering

Muhammad Saeed consultant SWH consultant of GIZ introduced the male and female students about th GIZ REEE programme (German International Cooperation – Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency Programme), objectives of disseminations were to brief the students about benefits of Solar Heatercomponents. He said that German International Cooperation – Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency Program) in collaboration with government of Pakistan introducing solar energy because our country facing acute shortage of power and suffering from energy crises . During the demonstration they have been told that how Solar Water Heater does works, what are its components, how it installs and what should be the plumbing mechanism at the installation place. Muhammad Saeed briefed the students that this is one time investment and after that you can get hot water for more than 25 years. 

In the event students asked various questions and been responded accordingly. It is been observed that the teaching staff taken keen interest in the technology and asked numerous technical queries. The administration of the institute and instructors appreciated the GIZ REEE Programme for the arrangement of this dissemination event at their institute. In the event male & female students, teaching staff and administration of the institute took part eagerly. They thanked GIZ management for detailing their consultant to motivate the people to adopt solar energy in this far flung and remote district of Chitral. The session was highly hailed by both students and teaching staff and demanded for continuation of such fruitful dissemination and workshops to introduce solar energy at Chitra


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