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Why Fadi Solar?

2017-02-09 | Author: fadi | Cat: Company News | Views: 1530

Fadi Solar History:

Fadi 's yesterday

Fadi Solar was founded in 2009  in Haining.Zhejiang Province, a steady,purely energetic company has been built that employs  almost 20 excellent specialists and highly-qualified workers. The friendly atmosphere among our colleagues also has a very positive influence on the high quality of our products and services.

2009-09-10: Founded

2009-09-20: SGS certfied

2009-09-20: Made-in-China's Glden Member

2009-09-21: Alibaba's Golden Member

2010-03-26: ISO9001:2008 certified:

2010-03-26: CE certified:

2011-08-30: Solar Keymark certiifed:

2011-09-07: SRCC certified


Fadi's today:

Expert Technical Service

Thanks to our team of experts in alternative energy, we managed to design and realize many projects for residential housing and large tailor-made projects as well. We have become one of the most important companies in the China.



Since 2009 Fadi Solar is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Each product is checked during the production process, or even fully tested..


Cooperation with worldwide renowned OEMs

We do OEM production for more than 200 companies companies over the world under their own brand name. Thanks to our own labs we can test new products by ourselves. Based on our own tests and measurements we can guarantee high quality and reliability of products included in our range of products.


Development of our own products

We use our long-time experience for developing our own products that best meet the needs of our customers. Some of our products are protected by domestic and foreign patents.


Our network of installation and service companies

A broad network of our certified installation partners means that someone will always be nearby to meet your needs. Our installation and service partners receive special training which ensures that your system will be installed properly and work effectively.


Foreign customers

 We have more and more customers also in other European and non-European countries (Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Russia, the Baltic States, USA, Uruguay, Algeria…) and our export volume keeps growing.


Fadi's tomorrow 

Our Future

Fadi Solar continues its dynamic growth and keeps investing in the development of new products and technologies. We strive to keep improving our services and supply even better assistance. Our aim is to offer products of good quality for reasonable prices, together with reliable technical service. Thanks to that, our systems will always work properly and effectively and bring savings to their owners.

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