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What are the environmental benefits?

2017-02-09 | Author: fadi | Cat: Industry News | Views: 1560

The Earth’s climate is changing dangerously. This is caused by the excess of carbon dioxide which traps heat in our atmosphere. It, in turn, contributes to the greenhouse effect, amplifying global warming and altering our ecological systems. An average family’s conventional water heater is responsible for 24 per cent of total household greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar is an excellent clean energy source: Its fuel, sunlight, is limitless, free and emits nothing when converted into energy. The problem with solar, as most of us know, is its efficiency. Solar photovoltaic technology, or PV, is less efficient at converting its fuel into electricity than, say, a wind turbine. But when you're talking about heating water (as opposed to powering light bulbs or stereos), the sunlight doesn't need to become electricity. It needs to become heat. And turning sunlight into heat is no problem.
Every family switching from an electric/gas water heater to a solar water heater will save 3 tons of greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide) emissions each year, the equivalent of the average Australian car’s yearly carbon dioxide emissions.


Using solar energy, in place of non-renewable fuels to heat one’s water, may also reduce nitrous oxides and sulphur dioxides. These can be potentially toxic to plants, can injure leaves and reduce growth and yield. They are also known to irritate the lungs and increase susceptibility to respiratory infections. So reducing the emission of these gases can only be beneficial to the planet and its inhabitants.


So installing a solar water heater would reduce your hot-water carbon footprint by more than half. At the same time, you're conserving non-renewable fuels for applications for which there are currently no easily available renewable energy sources.

So think about your savings and the planet you want to leave to your children and make the switch to solar water heating today.

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